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DIA Had No Evidence of Chemical Weapons in Iraq Last September
FOX News - 11 hours ago
WASHINGTON — The Pentagon's intelligence service reported last September that
it had no reliable evidence that Iraq had chemical agents in weaponized form ...

Bush Pledges to 'Reveal the Truth' on WMD
FOX News - 18 hours ago
DOHA, Qatar — President Bush paid a visit to troops at US Central Command (search)
Thursday, proclaiming that the US-led invasion of Iraq was justified and ...

Media Rare
Washington Post, DC - 
Jun 5, 2003
... A spirited exchange on WMD?
... Murdoch's News Corp., for example, owns cable's top-rated
Fox News Channel, as well as Fox broadcast network (home of "American Idol ...

Tacitus Rides Again
LiberalSlant.com - Jun 5, 2003
... and Brent Bozell, and the fairness, balance, and hot graphics of the Fox News ... W.
Bush declare that two wrecked Iraqi trailer trucks PROVE that the entire WMD ...

New York Post, NY - Jun 4, 2003
June 4, 2003 -- GERALDO Rivera, who covered the Iraqi war for Fox News Channel, says
it's "embarrassing" that weapons of mass destruction - the primary reason ...

America's Matrix
Consortium News - Jun 1, 2003
... Cornwell traced this lock-step US coverage to the influence of Fox News, which ... equally
valid today, with the US and Great Britain desperately seeking that WMD ...

Failure to Find Weapons in Iraq Leads to Inquiries Posted: 06.04 ...
NewsHour Extra - Jun 4, 2003
... over weapons of mass destruction in that country," he said on Fox News ... told the NewsHour
that the Bush administration exaggerated
Iraq's ability to produce WMD ...

Report: Senior Iraqi Officer Was Source for British WMD Claim
FOX News - Jun 5, 2003
LONDON — A senior officer within Saddam Hussein's army was the source for a British
intelligence claim that Iraq (search) could deploy some weapons of mass ...

Blair's Government to Cooperate With Iraqi Weapons Inquiry - FOX News
British Committee to Investigate Iraq War Decision - FOX News

Lawmakers Seek Answers on Iraq's WMD Intelligence
FOX News - Jun 3, 2003
... Everything in Saddam Hussein's history indicates that there were WMD. There is
no doubt in any expert's mind that [Saddam Hussein] would have continued ... ...

The Real Scoop
TomPaine.com, D.C. - May 30, 2003
No, the big scandal is Judith Miller's overheated stories on Iraq's WMD programs ... Karl
Rove will provide Hollywood lighting, and Fox News will devote its usual 24 ...

Bush shrugs off WMD worries
BBCUK - Jun 2, 2003
... Such viewpoints are echoed on many radio talk shows and cable television channels
like Fox News. However, some voices of dissent are being heard. ...

US, Russia Vow to Meet WMD Threat
FOX News - Jun 1, 2003
ST. PETERSBURG — President Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin
(search) urged North Korea and Iran on Sunday to halt development ...

Marine Chief in Iraq Surprised WMD Are Still Missing
FOX News - May 30, 2003
... You can't quite say that it's going to take a lot more time if the intelligence
community seemed to be in general agreement that WMD was out there ...

In News & Info
Sify, India - May 26, 2003
... The media has highlighted the failure of the US-UK invaders to find any WMD or ... Journal
and invited-then-disinvited to/from TV programs like Jim Lehrer and Fox ...

Troops attacked in Iraq; Leaders questioned about WMD
Christian Broadcasting Network - Jun 2, 2003
... that the Bush administration pushed the WMD issue so hard because it was the one
reason everyone could agree on for going to war with
Iraq. But Fox News Sunday ...

Iran, Al Qaida And WMD
jihadunspun.com - May 27, 2003
... The Iraq WMD's and ties to Al Qaeda were merely MacGuffins, as Alfred Hitchcock called ... the
Saudi attacks was hiding in Iran, Bill Kristol beat the drum on Fox ...

US looking for intelligent answers
Asia Times Online, Hong Kong - May 26, 2003
... The media have highlighted the failure of the US-UK invaders to find any WMD or ... Journal
and invited-then-disinvited to/from TV programs like Jim Lehrer and Fox ...

Rummy suggests investigating Rummy
Seattle Post Intelligencer, WA - May 27, 2003
... having uncovered moldy vacuum cleaners, pesticides and playground equipment, but
nary a WMD ... Saudi attacks was hiding in Iran, Bill Kristol beat the drum on Fox ...

Administration Defends Iraq War Motives
FOX News - May 30, 2003
... Prior to the quote, author Sam Tanenhaus (search) did write that Wolfowitz conceded
Iraq's supposed cache of WMD had never been the most compelling casus ...

Penn Pens 4000-Word Polemic
FOX News - May 30, 2003
... We found that our Secretary of State presented plagiarized and fictitious evidence
of WMD’s in Iraq to the American people and the world," he wrote. ...

US Confident Saddam Had Mobile WMD Lab
FOX News - May 28, 2003
WASHINGTON — Two trucks found in northern Iraq filled with laboratory equipment
are the strongest evidence yet that Saddam Hussein (search) had a biological ...

POETIC LICENCE: Ironies having to do with Iraq war
Daily Times, Pakistan - May 13, 2003
... Rupert Murdock’s Fox News television channel and other US pro-war commentators ... and
for swallowing Iraqi “propaganda” that it no longer possessed any WMD. ...

The Hydra's New Head:
CounterPunch, CA - May 14, 2003
... The emergence of a general rule: If a "news" item about a grotesque aspect of the
regime, WMD ... To instill a bellicose spirit required switching to CNN or Fox News ...

BushCo Reams Nation Good
San Francisco Chronicle, CA - May 14, 2003
... of course, you count the sneering vat of conservative biotoxin that is, say, Fox
News ... The WMD line was just a ploy that, tragically, much of the nation bought ...

One Nation, Under Informed
LiberalSlant.com - May 20, 2003
... and a sunny new day is coming when all Iraqis will love America and watch Fox News ... We
can't find any WMD's in Iraq (Because they were never there to begin with ...

CIA asked to back up reports of Iraq weapons
Straits Times, Singapore - May 23, 2003
... During the war, millions of Americans also tuned into the Fox News network ... The committee
wants to know 'how the intelligence picture regarding Iraqi WMD was ...

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